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Scott Young
SPY Records


A specialist record company founded on the premise of Scott Young.

Expand your energies in constructive activities, have a sense of reality and a great deal of imagination.
Do not hesitate to throw yourself heart and soul into your endeavour, for you will be rewarded


To promote, represent and bring together a specially selected group of composers and songwriters who represent excellence and high achievement in their own particular field with the view of bringing their original songs and talents to the attention of major directors, producers, and casting personnel worldwide, who require music for their films, television, theatre, commercials & recordings.

They have recorded many Cd’s of their work, but unfortunately at this time, we can only provide a limited example of their music which can be heard by clicking the relevant icon on the left side of their photographs. Full Cd’s are available free to casting personnel from this office.

These songwriters are extremely professional creative writers and producers, who have the capability of working to a brief to achieve a very successful, punctual result within budget.

We are ready to be part of your team and you will find us responsive, professional, creative and easy to work with.

Search through these pages and you’ll see why a growing number of casting personnel are turning and returning to SPY Records artists for their musical requirements.

With the view that new professional songwriters are essential for the future of the musical entertainment industry, we continue to search out high quality songwriters in order that our many casting contacts will gain access to professional writers for their musical needs.

Thank you for choosing SPY Records as your contact to represent your productions.

Contact Details:

Scott Young. M.D. www.spy-ents.com

                                  Scott's Photo by kind contribution of REMY HUNTER                       www.remyhunter.co.uk
                                   Scott's Video Clip by kind contribution of MIHAI OGASANU

SPY Entertainments - one of the most respected entertainment companies in the world.


Scott Young
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